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Kinyan Details

The kiynan of the tree involves several steps:


Step 1.  קנין כסף (acquisition made by payment)

After you pay for the tree, it is processed by the website host/payment processing company and then, the money is sent to the Eitz Mitzva account. When it reaches Eitz Mitzva account, קנין כסף is accomplished.

Step 2.  קנין סודר (acquisition made by lifting an article)

The director of Eitz Mitzva - who owns the trees that are available for sale - performs קנין סודר (acquisition made by lifting an article) with HaRav Yechiel Michel Vinner, shlit"a to transfer the ownership to you.

Step 3.  קנין שטר (acquisition through a contract)

The director of Eitz Mitzva fills out an official and halachically binding contract (composed by HaRav Yechiel Michel Vinner) and sends it to your email address. This contract acts as שטר קנין (a contract of sale) and שטר האודיתא (a contract of confirmation). 

Questions? Please email or call us. / +972-54-841-0346 

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