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Orchard NEWS - 3rd of Cheshvan 5783

Shemittah 5782 is over. But the merits of the mitzvos of Shemittah 5782 are forever. Yashar Koach to all גיבורי כוח (farmers who kept Shemittah), to the supporters of the farmers, and to all people who bought trees in Eretz Yisroel to fulfill the precious mitzvos of Shemittah.

After Rosh Hashana, Eitz Mitzva spoke to R' Shlomo Erenreich - the farmer who is taking care of the vines of the Shalhevetya Vineyard (the orchard where Eitz Mitzva customer's vines are growing). He reported that he already began pruning the vines. Just imagine the joy of the first post-Shemittah pruning!

Shalhevetya vineyard last year.

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