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Grape vine @ Shalhevetya Orchard. Row #4, Tree #33

Orchard Description

Orchard's name: Shalhevetya Vineyard.

Orchard's location: Directly on the north side of the Shalhevet Y-a outpost, which is approximately 1 kilometer to the west of Yitzhar. [Latitude 32.17°  |  Longitude 35.22°] 

Type: Grape vines

Planted: 5780, before 15th of Av. 

Number of rows: 15-20

Trees per row: 35-45

1st row: On the far south side (the most right side upon entering the orchard)

1st tree: On the west side  

Grape vine @ Shalhevetya Orchard. Row #4, Tree #33

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