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Olive Tree @ Shechem Olives Orchard, Row #2, Tree #4

Orchard Desctiption

Type: Olives (Barnea - tall trees), Olives (Zan Suri - short trees),  

Planted: approx. 5765

Location:  On the left side of the entrance to Shechem, below the almond grove. At the beginning of the ascent to Mt. Grizim.

Number of rows: 4

Trees per row: 15

1st row: On the far west side (the most right side upon entering the orchard) - see map  below

1st tree: On the north side

Olive Tree @ Shechem Olives Orchard, Row #2, Tree #4

Price Options
12 Payments
$22.50every month for 12 months
One-time purchase
  • For this tree, you pay for it and own it on a month-by-month basis. The payment is made automatically each month. Therefore, the ownership will continue automatically from month to month. Automatic payment can be cnacelled at any time.  (Note: During the 1st month, you will own the tree for less than 30 days, since it takes 1-5 days to transfer the ownership of the tree to you)



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