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Every Jew 


You now have an opportunity to own a fruit tree in Eretz Yisroel and actively fulfill two mitzvos of Shemittah: השבתה (resting from doing work on the tree) and עבודת האילן (not doing work on the tree)

Kinyan (acquisition) takes 3 steps:

1. Kinyan Kesef  (payment at the site)

2. Kinyan Sudar  (performed via a shaliach that we will appoint for you.)

3. Kinayn Shtar (you will be sent a halachic contract)

All kinyanim are performed with the directions that Eitz Mitzva received from HaRav Aaron Pessin shlit"a in conjunction with Machon Mitzvos Haaretz. 

Rav 2.JPG

You can acquire the tree the by renting it or by buying it.


To rent (until the end of Shemitta 5782):  $48 (one-time payment)

To buy (forever): $300 (can be split into 12 monthly payments - $25 each)

To buy a tree (forever), click on the left image below.
To rent a tree (until the end of Shemittah 5782), click on right image below.

Contact us or fill out the form below and we will reach out to you

USA: 1-845-280-0840
Israel: 053-435-8397
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