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KINYAN  The kinyan (transfer of ownership) of a tree is accomplished through methods of sale prescribed by halacha. [To see the details of how the kinyan is performed, click here]   Once the kinyan is performed, you own the tree for life!

TREE CARE  All of the trees that Eitz Mitzva is selling are under care of farmers who strictly abide by the agricultural laws of the Torah. Upon request, tree owners can request from Eitz Mitzva to find out the who is the farmer that is taking care of their tree(s).  

MITZVOT  By owning a tree in Eretz Yisroel, you will be able to have a tangible portion in Eretz Yisroel and fulfill mitzvot hatluyot ba'aretz with your tree and its fruits. How will you fulfill mitzvot with your tree? At the checkout, by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions (which include in it the Contract for Appointment of a Shaliach), you will appoint the farmer (and any of his agents) as your agent to fulfill the mitzvot with your tree and its fruits - such as Shemittah, Terumot, Ma'aserot, etc.  

TREE LINK  Along with your tree, you'll receive a 1-year subscription to Tree Link for free (a $120 value!)  Tree Link enables you to be connected to your tree - and your tree to you :)   Tree Link subscription includes (A) Tree Care - we'll arrange that a portion of your payment for the tree will be given to the farmer of the orchard where your tree is growing to  cover (partially or fully) expenses for water and/or other needs for your tree, (B) Orchard news, and (C) New photo(s) of your tree. Hence, with the Tree Link, you'll be providing for the care of your tree, receive news/updates from the orchard where your tree is growing, and observe how your tree is changing/blossoming (see Terms and Conditions at the checkout for specifics). 

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